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Growth and content strategies for online publishers

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Need help with your ad or affiliate site?

I'll work with you to bring your business to life by providing honest and direct advice for starting or improving your online publishing and affiliate website.

Whether you've recently bought a site or are trying to uplift one you've built from scratch, I'll dig into what's there and help you figure out opportunities for improvement through SEO, keyword research, writing guidance, process design and improvement, an overall technology review, and more!

Biz Coach

Helping small time website operators & entrepreneurs find their path and grow their business.


Experience defining, building, and improving processes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Tech Solver

Over 20 years configuring, administering, customizing, and designing software suites and applications.


Writer for Atlanta's premier sketch comedy troupe, and an upcoming adventure comedy web series.

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My Journey

I think of myself as one of the new guard in the online marketing world. Publishing since early 2019, I'm working through the same struggles as people just getting into the game, so I feel your pain. Ranking on search engines isn't easy, many niches are oversaturated, gaming the system isn't (necessarily) a strategy. But I've seen and proven that it's NOT too late to get into the game. It' still possible to rank, to get traffic, and to succeed. My strategy is to buy content sites that I believe I can grow as well as build new sites from the ground up. Buying my first site helped me get under the covers and see how and why things worked. Once I'd proven that the risk was worth the reward, I started to create processes that allow me to manage multiple sites without getting overwhelmed. I work a traditional corporate day job, so I've built a business that can be done part time. I know I can help others reach that goal too.

Why This Site: In Service to Others

As I have traveled this journey, it was important to surround myself with people on similar paths. The result is that I have built a small network of people whom I've helped get their start or provided ideas for improving their current business. Now that I have been doing this for nearly two years, I've discovered the joy I feel in helping others find their way and learn more as well. After multiple people repeatedly told me I should start consulting in this industry because I have such a passion, I finally listened to them. So hit the "contact me" button at the top if you're interested in hiring me to help you with your struggles, whether they're figuring out how to find good keywords to taking a look at your site to help improve it. And we'll have fun along the way!